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How To Start A Podcast Fast & Easy (2020)
In this video, I will go over the easiest platform to help you create your podcast show and begin recording and publishing episodes all in one place. No need to use multiple software to run your podcast. You only need to use 1!! Auxbus is a new podcasting platform that allows you to set up, plan, record and publish your podcast show.

Use coupon code "LTE2020" to get 50% Off Your First 2 months (Disclosure I will receive credit for your subscription at no extra cost to you from software vendor)

Here's a breakdown of the video for your convenience:

0:39 Begining of Tutorial
0:49 Tutorial Outline
1:11 What is Auxbus
2:21 Begining of Auxbus Demo
3:22 Setup Your Show
4:07 Record Show Content
7:26 Record First Episode
14:45 Podcast Platform Comparison


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